Journey begun

I packed my bag with everything I could think of, I bid farewell to my little family (a tear or two was shed earlier when we had a family prayer time), I kissed Keith on the train platform, and now I am on my way to stay with my parents who will take me to Luton airport tomorrow morning. I feel excited, my adventures have begun!

I have a rough itinerary now. On Monday I plan to explore Jerusalem with Rosie, a Jewish friend of my parents who has been very kind and already offered overnight stays and family meals as well as being a guide to me in her home city. On Tuesday I will travel to Bethlehem to stay with Zoughbi who runs a project called Wi’am, where I will volunteer for three days. Then it’s back to Jerusalem, possibly Shabbat with Rosie’s family, more exploring of Jerusalem, and then next Wednesday to Saturday I travel to Nazareth to explore the schools and church partnership, and then Galilee  until I fly out on the Saturday.

It has been good to feel so supported in this venture: from gifts, to advice, to help with making our video messages for the partnership, to offers of help with the children for Keith, I have never felt so surrounded by community. And like a trip will mean so much. I really value all your prayers and love. Next post will be from Jerusalem.


About sophiehebden

Science writer and editor, I mostly write about space and fundamental questions in physics.
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