Living in community

Over the school holiday we have three guests sharing our space. One is a destitute asylum-seeker who has already been here three months now, via HOST Nottingham. We did a radio interview for radio Nottingham last month about living with Helene here, 2:48 into the show. The other two guests are a couple from Leeds, one of whom is exploring whether she wants to become a priest in the Anglican church, so she’s following Keith around for two weeks doing whatever he gets into. Tonight the plan is skip surfing for a Diggers Agape meal – the idea is to share food that is Local, organic, animal-friendly or free – on Sunday evening. So we are going for the free option there!

Having people to stay makes me more aware of how I use our living space, and what I do during the week. Whereas Helene prefers to leave the communal spaces in our house alone, mostly, and stays in her room a lot, the Leeds couple are English and happy to sit in the lounge or office, or wherever. It makes me feel more relaxed about them being here, but also I feel like I should sit and chat with them, rather than read, for instance.  It also makes me hope that Helene will one day feel like she can sit in these communal areas. Happily, all of our guests play with the kids, and like to keep the kitchen clear, so no worries there.


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Science writer and editor, I mostly write about space and fundamental questions in physics.
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