Chicks and bunnies

To celebrate Easter we have just acquired eight little chicks. I’ve just been adoring their little chickeny ways, pecking and scratching and stretching out their tiny wings, snuggling together in a fluffy heap under the bulb in their box. Seven are Light Sussex (a white chicken with a black collar, large bird) and one is called a Bluebell (a greyish, large bird). I think they should all be good layers, but not until we are well into the summer. They are currently cheeping away, gobbling up masses of chick crumb. They were a huge hit with the kids at Sunday School on Easter day apparently, I missed it, and the egg hunt, as I was driving all over the place to get to Derby Cathedral to play in a scratch orchestra for Mozart’s Coronation Mass.

So yes, tonight we cuddled the chicks, then I had to clean out the indoor rabbit, so I had a cuddle of her, then I went out to the outdoor rabbit to feed her and give her a cuddle too (they are both so fluffy and white), and it struck me how perfectly Easter it is to have white rabbits and fluffy yellow chicks! Happy Easter.


About sophiehebden

Science writer and editor, I mostly write about space and fundamental questions in physics.
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