Good to Glow: feature article in the New Scientist

Earlier this month I had the satisfaction of seeing my first article printed in a mag, one that you can actually buy in shops: the New Scientist. The feature is about auroras on exoplanets, and what they can reveal about the underlying planet. I love the physics of auroras, I chose to study them for my PhD, so writing this was great fun, and I got to catch up with the colleagues I worked with when I was in Leicester. I still haven’t seen an aurora in real life yet though – another life ambition. Right, I’m off to get the print copy framed now…

Good to Glow: Auroras hide array of planetary secrets


About sophiehebden

Science writer and editor, I mostly write about space and fundamental questions in physics.
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2 Responses to Good to Glow: feature article in the New Scientist

  1. Wayne Darron Walls says:

    Hi, Sophie. Just wish to say congratulations on having your first article laid down in print…

    Also, I too long to view the Aurora with my own eyes, that would be right up there in the list of things to do before I wave adieu…

  2. sophiehebden says:

    Thanks Wayne – one for when we become rich enough to afford a three-week trip to Norway or Canada eh!

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