Science Writing Workshops

Over the past nine months I’ve taught a few seminars on science writing to undergraduate students at the University of Leicester. In March 2012 I gave an introduction to science news for Fourth Year students in the Physics department, then in September 2012 I visited the Geography department for a seminar on writing feature articles, to prepare Third Year students for an upcoming assignment in their climate change module. Last month I was back in the Physics department to teach Fourth Years about writing science news articles and press releases for their module on science publishing. You can visit the latest edition of their journal Special Physics Topics for, amongst other geeky craziness, an analysis of how many seagulls James would have needed to transport his giant peach across the Atlantic ocean, and how far you’d need to increase the sun-earth distance to compensate for a 6.4 degree rise in global temperatures per century.


About sophiehebden

Science writer and editor, I mostly write about space and fundamental questions in physics.
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