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I’m a freelance science writer and editor. Here you’ll find some of my articles. Thanks for visiting.


About sophiehebden

Science writer and editor, I mostly write about space and fundamental questions in physics.
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5 Responses to Sophie Hebden

  1. Dear Sophie,

    I deeply enjoyed your well written article and graphics in New Scientist April 20-26th 2013, regarding Quantum and Relative Physics. And I will review you other work at WordPress,as well. However my main point is to share with you my latest article that I posted today @ Called “What causes Space to Curve Around Mass. (As if it actually did) I posted it largely on your behalf, as it relates much to “TIME” and the most fundamental of notions, we have [ I believe ] wrongly assumed. As I believe “TIME” does not change, it is sacrosanct. The only thing that changes is the mechanics of the clocks which are subject to gravities impacts on their mechanical workings. Hence Time Does Not and Cannot Change – Ever. Only the measuring devices change due to gravity. And measuring devices are not Time. Time stands alone as Space does, immutable and constant. If we took this fundamental nature of science and applied it to our views of “Time” slowing down or speeding up, we would unravel some additional truths…

    Great Success to you,

  2. As for time, Russ Otter is completely right.

  3. Hi Norbert, and thank you for your insightful reply. You may not regard some of my other perspectives with the same implicit weight, but they are of considerable value. Philosophy and Physics are one in the same, when they align as they often do, with the finite and the infinite as an endless point of marriage. As it is the “Impossible” (Infinity, Time and Space) that make the “Possible” (or local realism a fact, thus our finite world). In other words the impossible gives possible or in other words the finite its existence. It always surprised me that Einstein, Bohr, along with the EPR group never grasp, that non-locality, was essential. That the Impossible is essential to create the finite and the possible. Quantum Entanglement, addressed the road to this truth, but it was not mathematically acceptable, however the Philosophy of Infinity which addresses non-locality as it must, certainly “rolls the dice”, as Einstein would have coined it, and turns our very breath and sentient thoughts into a reality we cannot deny. As our infinite reality must by definition have no answers, otherwise it would be finite. Thus is were our wonderful scientific journey begins forever and a day. Again, thank you for your scholarly reply, as
    “TIME”, whether at the Event Horizon, or tied to a muon’s time-life’s existence in the Sahara Desert, are variable due to gravities influences based solely on the mechanical clocks of the venue. However, Time per se’ is immutable. Fixed and Pure. Only the instruments measuring time misguide our perceptions. This has ramifications for Relativity, as we glean the truths of our existence. We are 10 to the infinite power from knowing the end of the rainbow…

    Cheers and Thank You, Russ

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